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Orlistat is a medicine that belongs to a class of inhibitors of intestinal and gastric lipases. Medication is used for weight correction, and it is also used for type 2 diabetes.

Composition and form of release

The main active component of the drug is Orlistat. The inhibitor reduces appetite and almost not absorbed into the circulatory system.

Orlistat is produced in oval capsules with blue shade shell. The medicament is packed in 10 pills per blister.

The drug can be purchased both in regular pharmacies and on the Internet. It is more profitable to buy capsules a large package for a full course, it will be cheaper. The price of Orlistat depends on the manufacturer.

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Pharmacological features

The mechanism of action is based on the inhibition of the activity of lipases of the stomach and intestines. Its effect is localized in the gastrointestinal tract, where the bond with the serine lipase is formed. Enzymes lose the ability to hydrolyze triglycerol from fatty foods to break down molecules into fatty acids with monoglycerides.

Unprepared fat molecules are not digested, and the lack of calories helps to reduce weight. Standard dosage (120 mg 3 times a day) reduces the absorption of fat by one third.

Experimentally found that Orlistat doesn’t change the motor activity of the gallbladder and the composition of its contents, the rate of the stomach release and the level of its acidity.

Indications for use

The medication is recommended for obesity, as well as for weight stabilization if it has already returned to normal. The intake of capsules must be combined with active muscle loads and a low-calorie diet.

To everyone who is at risk (diabetics with type 2 disease, hypertensive patients with high body weight, persons with high and “bad” cholesterol) can periodically take medicine for preventive purposes.

It follows from the instruction that the effect of the drug on the already formed fat layer will be minimal. Its activity is directed at new calories, which enter the body together with fatty foods. By blocking the absorption of fat, the inhibitor lowers the calorie content of food and promotes weight loss.

In the standard version, the medicine is consumed 1 capsule 3 times a day.

The best time to assimilate Orlistat is taking the tablets with food or right after it. The course of treatment should be at least three months. To avoid undesirable consequences, before starting treatment, you should consult a nutritionist or your doctor.

Side effects

In the period of adaptation, as well as with the prolonged use of the medicine, undesirable side effects are possible:

  • Spontaneous fatty discharge from the anus at times when the intestines do not digest food at all.
  • Violation of the intestinal peristalsis manifests itself in the form of diarrhea.
  • Incontinence of feces: the rectum loses its elasticity due to a violation of the recommendations for taking medication.
  • Flatulence as a consequence of an unbalanced diet, a deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins, a significant amount of undigested foods entering the abdominal cavity.

One-time use of 800 mg of medicament or course, at the rate of 400 mg 3 times a day for two weeks, did not reveal therapeutically significant unintended consequences.


Among the absolute contraindications:

  • Pregnancy and lactation;
  • Gastrointestinal disorders;
  • Age under 12 years;
  • Nephrolithiasis;
  • Cholestasis;
  • Malabsorption syndrome;
  • Hyperkascalurgy

Special instructions

It is important to understand that Orlistat is not a panacea for all those who lose weight. If the patient has already accumulated solid fatty ballast and expects to get rid of it without diets and physical exertions, taking the tablet with another roll on the couch in front of the TV, then it is not necessary to count on the result declared by the manufacturer.

When in the diet 30% or more of the daily calories are fats, the effectiveness of the capsule mechanism is reduced, and the risk of side effects increases. Daily intake of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins should be divided into three meals.

To maintain the balance of vitamins and minerals, it is necessary to take the appropriate vitamin complex, since the drug depresses their absorption.

Besides, you should consider the possibility of an organic cause of excess weight, for example, hypothyroidism.

Since the drug blocks the absorption of a number of fat-soluble vitamins, the balance can be restored with the help of multivitamin complexes, which contain fat-soluble vitamins. They are taken at an interval of 2 hours before or after Orlistrate.

Interaction with other medicines

With the parallel use of Orlistat with alcohol, pravastatin, digoxin, and phenytoin (a one-time dose of 300 mg), the pharmacokinetics of the drugs do not change.

Nifedipine with prolonged effect preserves bioavailability parameters, in oral contraceptives, ovulatory possibilities do not change.

Experiments with 12 participants without signs of obesity revealed that Orlistat does not inhibit the pharmacological parameters of warfarin, but with prolonged treatment, it is necessary to monitor coagulation parameters.

With the parallel use of Orlistat and levothyroxine sodium, hypothyroidism is not excluded.

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