Scheduling Your Tattoo

Important Note:  As time pass we grow bigger and our team expands, we do the best to give you a quick response and great service. When you schedule your appointment, please choose ONLY ONE platform – Facebook, Instagram or Email to contact us. This way we will prevent misunderstandings and double appointments.  Thank you in advance.
Razzouk Tattoo Team 
We know your time in the Old City Jerusalem is limited and you have lots to see, you can pass by our shop to try for a vacant spot, but it highly recommended to schedule ahead.
Guidelines for Scheduling
We want to give each pilgrim and visitor equal time, efforts and treatment – therefore we kindly ask to adopt those guidelines while scheduling in the platforms available for you  (Instagram direct, Facebook or Email )  in order for us to give everyone the best service.

1. Please write your request as short as possible and to the point when it comes to the range of date and time you like to make your tattoo.

2.  Explaining your idea or desired design, narrowing possibilities as much as you can to the final motif you think about, adding a picture would be even better.

3. If you want a tattoo in any of the local languages – Arabic, Aramaic, Latin, Hebrew or Arminian – please write us the sentence ahead, if you not sure about translation we can help you to a certain extent.

4. If the motif you desired is combined from a number of things, please send the pictures that hit the closest to what you look to combine and shortly explain (or draw a scatch).

5. We are willing to assist you in creating your tattoo but we cannot decide for you – we will be glad to advise tho.

We truly appreciate your collaboration in the subject, as we receive lots of daily emails and we want to reply to each one of you as fast and efficient as possible.

Our Normal Hours

Monday – Saturday:  11:00am – 7pm
Sunday:  Closed

*When possible, we can schedule appointments outside these normal work hours.



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