Certificate for your Razzouk Tattoo by Ambassadors

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The Razzouk Family has certified Ambassadors in many countries who are authorized to perform tattoos using the original Coptic designs that are exclusive to the family. The Ambassadors are given this certification only after joining the family and working alongside them in the shop in Jerusalem while also gaining the experience of tattooing those designs that require special techniques in order for them to feel and look authentic. If you have received a tattoo by one of our ambassadors, you can now add to the value of it by authenticating it with a certificate that will be produced exclusively for you by the Razzouk Family and sent to you with their blessings straight from the Holy Land.

In order for us to make it more affordable, we are also offering a digital version that you can print yourself. However, if you choose the printed version, we will ship that to you in a special package.