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Please specify whether you are requesting an appointment in Athens or Jerusalem. This is crucial for scheduling purposes.

Please read the following instructions carefully before filling out the form below:

  1. Please be sure to write your request as short and to the point as possible, including the date and time of your desired appointment. We respectfully ask to avoid giving us information regarding the itinerary of your trip, as that causes difficulties for us in the process of scheduling the appointment for you.

  2. Explaining your idea or design clearly helps expedite the process.

  3. If you want a tattoo in any of the local languages –Arabic, Aramaic, Latin, Hebrew or Armenian– please write us the sentence ahead. If you're not certain about the translation, we'll be glad to offer our help.

  4. If the idea requires a combination of two or more designs, make sure to mention them or link some pictures that can help elaborate the final product. Sketching the idea can also help, if necessary.

  5. Pictures can be sent to us through our social media platforms. See our Contact Information page.

  6. If your friends or other members of your group are also interested in setting up an appointment, please assign a representative to contact us on behalf of those who are interested to schedule an appointment for the entire group as a whole. Sending separate emails can cause confusion and miscommunication. (If you would like a separate appointment from your group at a different time, please make sure to contact us separately)

  7. Please make sure to type in your email address correctly so that we can get back to you successfully.

If you are looking to get to us urgently, please call us at +97225353106.

We'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you!