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  • Trisha Boese

    While on a spiritual pilgrimage in Jan/Feb 2022, we were honored to get inked at Razzouk’s. It will forever remind me of my faith history and what beauty God has yet in store for us all. Thank you, WR!

  • Marcia Ryan

    I had my first tattoo done in 2019 and I’m having my second one done in 2022.
    Thanks to Razzouks shop.

  • George Meechan

    After a long day in the Old City my wife and I went the Razzouk shop and I got a Celtic Cross tattoo on my left inside bicep, close to my heart. It is more than a souvenir, it’s a constant reminder of my faith. It can’t be lost, or broken. It’s there for life. Thank you.

  • Mary C

    Getting my first-ever tattoo from Wassim during my first-ever pilgrimage visit to the Holy Land was a deeply moving and meaningful experience. I felt connected to the thousands of pilgrims before me who received tattoos, some even with the same design elements. I also frequently think of our short but thought-provoking conversation about how we should avoid all sin. Many thanks Wassim for making my first tattoo so memorable! One day I hope to have the chance to receive another.


    Getting a tattoo from Wassim Zazzouk was not only a history lesson but also a spiritual journey! Thank you and continued blessings.

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