Jerusalem Cross Tattoo Design

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Please note that these images are intentionally distorted for copyright reasons. When you purchase this design, you will receive an email from us containing a clear version of it with its measurements and dimensions and a PDF file of a certificate of authenticity for you to have the tattoo as authentic as possible. The email will also include the terms of use. Please also note that once you have bought this design, intellectual property remains for the Razzouk Tattoo Family and it would be a legal breach if posted online or resold or used for any other intentions other than getting the tattoo of this design on yourself. It cannot be used for reprint, reproduction, redesign, or any other use except for the above mentioned sole use of getting the design tattooed by a tattoo artist that you trust and who will not reuse it. Tattoo artists are not permitted to buy the designs. Thank you for understanding our concern and protection of our precious unique designs.

Customer Reviews

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Shawn Maynard
Historic Art

I have been hoping to travel to Israel for such a long time but with my busy schedule and family I have not yet had the opportunity. I am currently 52 years old and wanted my first tattoo to be done at Razzouk. Year after year slipped by and I felt it would never happen. I recently discovered that Razzouk license out their designs for customers to use a local artist. I could not be more thrilled. I got it. I am such a history buff and devout Christian and this is the perfect piece for me. One day I will make it to Jerusalem and will look forward to adding another original piece of art from Razzouk.

Christophe Durand

Je rêvais de me faire tatouer par Razzouk à Jérusalem. Mais je n'ai jamais pu y aller... merci de nous permettre d'acheter les modèles à distance.

Love it

I ordered this design and recently had it tattooed on me in the US. Planning on having it filled in one day when I go to Jerusalem.

Jessica Seymour
Beautiful Design

I’ve been to the Holy Land twice and only heard of your shop after I returned to my hometown. It’s wonderful that you have the option of purchasing one of your beautiful, traditional family designs that go back in time and remind me of the beautiful experience of my times in the Holy Land. It is a very unique design and not too big, and a chance to open up a discussion about my beliefs and share my experiences traveling in Israel. I will find an artist worthy of this beautiful design. Thank you, God Bless.