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  • Mary C

    Getting my first-ever tattoo from Wassim during my first-ever pilgrimage visit to the Holy Land was a deeply moving and meaningful experience. I felt connected to the thousands of pilgrims before me who received tattoos, some even with the same design elements. I also frequently think of our short but thought-provoking conversation about how we should avoid all sin. Many thanks Wassim for making my first tattoo so memorable! One day I hope to have the chance to receive another.


    Getting a tattoo from Wassim Zazzouk was not only a history lesson but also a spiritual journey! Thank you and continued blessings.

  • Nancy

    Wassim gave me my first tattoo… I’m so proud of the Jerusalem cross on my wrist and even more proud telling its story.
    One day I would like to go back for another piece of history…

  • Julie Millsap

    I have been to Wassim 3 times during 3 separate trips to the Holy Land, and have had a wonderful experience. Will always treasure the unique, meaningful tattoos.

  • Elissa

    I had seen articles on Razzouk for years, and when I finally made it to Jerusalem, I made my way to the shop! Wassim did a beautiful job, and now I have a piece of history on my arm that marks me as a pilgrim. I could not be more delighted!

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