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The Story Behind Our T-Shirts

For many years we have had numerous requests by our clients to have t-shirts for sale and we have always considered it, but because our shop is very small and we have no extra space to physically stock them, we never really took action towards it.  However the time has come when we have finally decided to take this step and start having t-shirts available for sale, we have been considering how to do it in a way that will not be too commercialized, so rather than having a generic commercial shop print our t-shirts for us, we have opted to use the services of a very special one based in the UK called EVE2.  This shop is run by a priest that prints mostly for churches and for religious organizations.  We were contacted by them a while back in order to give them permission to use our designs and sell them on our behalf, and considering their background, we have found them the most suitable shop to do so especially when we learned that a big portion of the profits will benefit the church.  

As for our t-shirt designs, we are very proud of the fact that all the designs were made in-house by our artist Gabi using the most popular stamps that we have had in the family for hundreds of years.  We will continue to come up with new designs every few months, so if you are a fan of Razzouk Tattoo, please make sure to revisit our store for new releases.  


Thank you for supporting our shop and for proudly wearing your Razzouk Tattoo t-shirts, we appreciate it a lot.


PS. Please feel free to give us your thoughts about our designs through our feedback page, we would love to hear them and try and give you what you would like to see new from us.







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