Silver Jerusalem Cross Pendant

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Sterling Silver handmade pendant based on the design from the original 350-year-old stamp of the Jerusalem Cross that was the main design chosen by the Crusaders and Knights which they would have tattooed on their forearms to show that they have served in the Holy Land. Likewise, pilgrims would have the Jerusalem Cross tattooed on them as a certificate of their pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The Jerusalem Cross is surrounded by three crowns on top representing the Holy Trinity, and at the bottom of the design is an olive branch representing hope and life and a palm branch for joy and happiness, all of which Jesus has brought into our lives. The Jerusalem cross itself is composed of five crosses with the center and largest cross symbolizing Jerusalem as the center of the world and the four small crosses as the gospel spreading to the four corners of the world. The original old stamps were hand-carved in olive wood and used to transfer the image onto the skin by dipping it in ink and then stamping it on the body.