Certificate for your Razzouk Tattoo in Jerusalem

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Ever since the very first pilgrim made the journey to the Holy Land more than 1500 years ago, pilgrims have always wanted to document and certify their pilgrimage as a proof of their visit to take with them back home. Many acquired this certification from the churches in the Holy Land in the form of a printed certificate. However, many others have chosen to get a tattoo so that their certificate would be on their body for as long as they have lived. The Razzouk Family has been certifying pilgrims with those tattoos for more than 700 years, making them the oldest tattooing family business in the world. If you have received a tattoo in our shop in the Old City of Jerusalem, that makes your tattoo a unique and very special one because you have joined the family of pilgrims from all over the world who have joined in following that tradition and adding to its value when performed by the longest tattooing family. You can now add to it even more by acquiring this printed certificate of authenticity that will certify and document your tattoo as well as your pilgrimage or visit to the Holy Land for many generations to come keeping it alive forever. Just imagine that after 200 years, your descendants can always refer to this certificate of your pilgrimage and of you following the tradition of pilgrimage tattoos; who knows, maybe they will then want to follow your footsteps and join the family of pilgrims just as you did. 

In order for us to make it more affordable, we are also offering a digital version that you can print yourself. However, if you choose the printed version, we will ship that to you in a special package.